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My career as a photographer covered a wide range of subjects, from classic rock and roll, reggae, and politics in the ‘60s and ‘70s to major motion pictures and television shows. After 50 years as a professional photographer, I have reinvented myself as a novelist.


While still at UCLA and shortly thereafter, I shot for underground LA newspapers and magazines including Crawdaddy, the Staff, and Music World.

I also shot the stills for John Carpenter’s Halloween, Halloween II, The Fog, Christine, and Escape from New York, and worked at Paramount for nine years as the production photographer for Cheers, and for five years on Family Ties. For three decades I was an elected representative for still photographers on the National Executive Board of IATSE Local 600, the International Cinematographers Guild.

My photo website is

                    My (not yet published) Novels

 Lenswoman, a romance of the 1960s & ‘70s (inspired by my adventures as a photographer), and Caterina By Moonlight, a historical woman's journey, about a girl growing up in renaissance Florence in the late 15th century.

Kim Gottlieb-Walker

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In the turbulent sixties, a talented young photojournalist, Maddy Garfield, navigates the underground press and the film and music industries, but cannot forget the charismatic future director who gave her kissing lessons – an insider’s view of the most colorful decade of the twentieth century, and a romance about reuniting with first love. For those who lived during the most colorful decade of the 20th century, and those who wish they had.

for a look at my career as a photographer,

(the inspiration for Lenswoman)
and information about my two coffeetable photobooks

Bob Marley and the Golden Age of Reggae
and On Set with John Carpenter

Click on the cover for praise and posts about Caterina by Moonlight

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1465 - Abandoned at a convent at age five to be educated and raised, and forced to wed at fourteen, Caterina is trained in dance by her social-climbing husband and introduced to the wealthy and powerful Medici family - and her world expands. She inspires Botticelli and finds earthly bliss in the arms of Giuliano de Medici, the adored Golden Youth of Florence. When loss and grief propel her on a journey to find her father, she is accompanied by the stable boy who has become her knight.  A novel of love and loss, humor, friendship, tragedy, and adventure set against the  sweeping backdrop of renaissance history.   

See Lady Walker's Blog
for the Art and History in Caterina by Moonlight
and the music & photography mentioned in Lenswoman

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My first published story is in 
available now through
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My story is called Summer of Love (1967)
All 23 stories are fabulous and all
procedes go to the
Women's Fiction Writers Association
Scholarship Fund

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