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No book is truly finished until it has been professionally edited.

Working with an editor should not be like a blind date. We recommend that you meet with more than one to determine the one that best understands you, your work, and your budget. We encourage you to review their qualifications and compare. Always clarify your business arrangement before commencing work, and detail everything in writing.  You may also ask the editor to sign a "work for hire" if that is not built into your written agreement. Rates and fees are negotiated by the individual editor.

Here are a few of our favorite editors.

Deanna Brady

Deanna Brady has had a decades-long career in literature as a writer and editor of both fiction and nonfiction. She has won awards for her own writing but spends most of her time assisting other authors on every level, including copy, line, substantive, and content editing, rewriting, and ghostwriting, as well as researching, coaching, and book & script doctoring. Her many happy clients greatly appreciate her expertise, gentle guidance, meticulous care, and ability to preserve their individual voices and help make their words shine more brightly.

A frequent and popular speaker at writers conferences and meetings, Deanna has applied her expertise to  diverse categories such as literary and genre fiction, biographies and memoirs, poetry, screenplays, self-help, how-to, business communications, textbooks, manuals, and marketing pieces that include query letters, proposals, and Web content. 

Deanna works with a broad spectrum of clients in widely varied fields. She has written and edited advertising and marketing copy, prospectuses, and training materials for individual clients, small businesses, and major corporations. She also has an extensive background in the entertainment industry and is a voting member of several awards organizations. In addition, she has edited two international magazines, and her grant proposals have brought in nearly half a million dollars for nonprofit groups.

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Sara Anne (Saran) Fox

A former development executive with a major Hollywood producer, Sara Anne "Saran" Fox, played a vital role in the conception and development of over 25 screenplays, three published novels and three produced films: "My Favorite Year", "Nosferatu" and "Quest For Fire". For over 20 years, she has used her skills as a writing coach and story editor with screenwriters and novelists to strengthen character development, clarify motivation and improve story structure and plot. Non-fiction writers also benefit from Sara Anne's insightful grasp of their material and her practical suggestions on ways to improve their communication style in order to serve their projects' intentions. Her strong empathetic and intuitive gifts, combined with her editorial talents, serve to provide all her clients with a comfortable creative atmosphere in which to realize their artistic goals and visions.

Sara Anne's strong empathetic and intuitive gifts, combined with her editorial talents, serve to provide her clients with a comfortable creative atmosphere in which to realize their artistic goals and visions. She is also a professional expert in story and screenwriting in LA Valley College's IDEAS program.

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Sara Anne Fox 

Story Editor 

Nic Nelson

Nicolas Nelson founded Wordsmith Writing Coaches in 2004 to help international grad students excel in America.

In 2007, Nic added nonfiction book editing, then children's book editing, genre-fiction editing, and coaching for authors in both craft and career.

WWC now offers a broad array of services through its coaches, editors, and strategic partners: they can help you bring your book from concept to publication and acclaim.

Nic’s clients have published picture books, Western, memoir, philosophy, futurism, historical fiction, how-to, self-help, spiritual growth, short stories, poetry collections, and more.

Let him help you write well and publish wisely! 

Nic is also Vice president of the Greater Los Angeles Writers' Society



Deanna edited my novels 

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Helga Schier

Helga Schier, Ph.D.

Editor, Writer, Writing Coach

Helga Schier, Ph.D., is the founder and owner of, an independent editorial services firm, and the Editorial Director of CamCat Books, a publisher of genre fiction. With over 25 years of experience in the book publishing industry, formerly serving as editor and executive editor in several Big Five publishing houses, Ms. Schier guides authors through the development and revision process. Her editorial work focuses on the refinement of story, character, and style, helping writers sharpen their vision, refine their voice, and unlock the potential of their manuscripts. Her clients are published, self-published, and not-yet-published writers. In addition to editing other writers’ work, Ms. Schier has published essays on contemporary English and American fiction, and has translated several screenplays, memoirs, and a novel series.

She frequently speaks at writers’ conferences. 


Contact her at or visit

Mike Robinson

As a freelance editor, Mike has worked on memoirs, novels and screenplays. A wide reader, he is familiar with most genres, but is especially at home with Speculative Fiction (Paranormal, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy), Mystery, Magical Realism / Metaphysical, Spiritual, Literary (Mainstream, Experimental, Quirky), and Narrative Non-fiction. You won't find any MFA or Embittered Teacher Dogma here: possessing a bit of an experimental streak, he knows there are many, many ways a story can work, and so seeks to fully understand and appreciate the author's intention(s), and to edit within that framework to do justice to the original vision.

Contact Mike at:

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